Hi I’m Tim Gipson and I’m going to talk  to you about the difference between a  satin paint and a semi-gloss paint  now a couple paint cans here and when we  talk about a satin paint or a semi-gloss  paint or a flat or eggshell or gloss  we’re really talking about the sheen or  on the paint so a gloss paint would have  a very glass like finish to it  such as you see on the on this where it  really reflects the light and when it  dries again it has a very glass like  finish to it and all the way down to a  flat paint which is has no Sheen so  other words when you shine a light on it  it just it does not reflect the light  does not look like it has any reflection  to the surface whatsoever  now the satins and the semi glosses are  in between the flat and the gloss paints.

The statins are a good paint and we had  just a little bit of an over spray or  drips on this paint can here which is  this is a satin and then you can see  where we’ve got some drips on this this  actually is a semi-gloss here so when  you look at it there’s a very subtle  difference now the difference is that  you’re going to have the satin finishes  are going to be much better to use on  your wall surfaces because the more  Sheen that you have the more  imperfections are going to show so if  you have some some lines or some bumps  in your wall or some repairs that have  been made if you were to put a  semi-gloss or a gloss on that it would  really show a lot of the imperfections in the wall so by going with a satin  paint what it allows us to do is it  allows us to get a surface that is scrub.

Abul and washable and that’s really good  to have in areas such as your kitchen  where  you may have your wall subject to a lot  of grease from cooking and it’s also  good in your bathrooms where you have a  lot of moisture so the paint doesn’t  break down and also if you get some  overspray on it’s very easy to wash it  so the satin is a very good wall finish  which is gives you a finish that’s  actually something you can maintain now  when you get up into the semi-gloss if  you don’t have very good wall surfaces  you may not want to consider using that  semi-gloss and so the semi glosses are  usually really good and limit those to  your trim areas where you want to get  that a little more of an accent I’m Tim  Gipson and that’s some information on  the difference between a satin paint and  a semi-gloss paint.