Welcome to our tool time salute food52 college today’s competitive college environment young man needs an edge that’s why we’ve taken that dorm room and get it the old tool times ladies and gentlemen say hello to the hands dorm room now at first blush this may look like an ordinary college dorm room let’s scratch that serves a little bit and go deep the operative word in this dorm room is efficiency most college students don’t have time to do laundry so it piles up cluttering the workspace hey roomie what do we do though this laundry not to worry we modified this little trash compactor hahaha perfect hard to believe there’s 16 weeks of my dirty underwear their huh suppose your kid has a chemistry final tomorrow he’s got to do well but the professor’s got the silly bias against students that.

I don’t know blow up the chemistry lab allegedly to help students stay up late studying our dorm room has that added thing together than that jolt of energy an oxygen bar unless it comes with domestic hmm Seattle and imported Mexico City well moving on well after a late night most students have a hard time getting up on time so we’ve created a fail-safe wake up system with three stages of alarm well for the light sleeper I’m up for the moderate sleeper just five more for the stubborn sleeper I’ve added one more little thing what let’s say you’re having the captain the cheerleaders over for a little late night studying you don’t want flannel boy listening in you.